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The Three Stages of a Los Angeles Drug Treatment

Addiction recovery is often simplified by reducing everything to “rehab”, when in reality Los Angeles drug treatment is a lot more complex, taking place through different stages and addressing a variety of different needs. This starts with detoxification, going through rehabilitation, and then maintaining the results beyond the immediate treatment. Let’s go over the different stages of the treatment and how they each help you in your journey to recovery.

Stage One: Detoxification

In order for a patient to embark upon a successful recovery, it is important that they first find themselves in a comfortable position to do so. After all, rehabilitation will involve a lot of heavy emotional work and introspection, so the patient needs to be able to concentrate on this. Your body, however, will be affected by the new normal that the substance abuse has created in your system, which means that you will be struggling with the urge to use again if the body is not stabilized by a treating medical staff. Detoxification, the first stage in Los Angeles drug treatment, will be the component of the treatment that will rid the body of the addictive substances and allow for more physiological stability in the body during the rest of the treatment.

Stage Two: Rehabilitation

Once the body has been stabilized, gradually reducing the need for use to a more manageable degree, it will be time to address the psychological aspect of the treatment. Addiction is rarely merely a physiological thing, often speaking to deeper emotional issues that cause the addiction in the first place. This stage of Los Angeles drug treatment will involve a lot of therapy, which will serve as a gateway to learn more about the causes for addiction and the ways in which it can be prevented going further. Yes, this is a difficult process, but as long as the patient allows themselves to be vulnerable throughout it and approaches things with an open mind and good disposition, actual progress can be made as part of the treatment.

Stage Three: Aftercare

Now, it will be very important to create lasting results by way of the treatment. The whole point of Los Angeles drug treatment, after all, is to put in the necessary effort for the rehabilitation to be effective and permanent. Looking at it this way might sound intimidating, but that is why it’s good to remember that this will be a gradual process, not something you have to do from one night to the next morning. Part of rehab will be to give you the necessary tools and mechanisms to work on it going forward, maintaining the progress you made during treatment and creating a new way to live your life without the consistent intake of substances.

Los Angeles Drug Treatment

At Saving My Tomorrow, a Los Angeles drug treatment, we believe everyone deserves to achieve happiness regardless of circumstances and that your past does not define who you are. For more information about our rehabilitation facilities, give us a call at 818-403-6770 or fill out the contact form on our website.

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