Saving My Tomorrow

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Aftercare Program

Our Pledge to Lasting Recovery

Help with addiction is just as important outside of our San Fernando Valley facility as it is inside of it. Our alcohol and drug rehab aftercare program offers continual guidance, resources, and strategies to maintain sobriety after treatment. At Saving My Tomorrow, we’re with you – always.

Experience the SMT Advantage

From inpatient detox to the aftercare program, unlock the full potential of your recovery journey with The SMT Advantage. It’s carefully crafted to ensure abstinence from drugs and alcohol. You’ll benefit from our personalized approach, continual support, and a nurturing community.

Female football players celebrating their victory as part of the aftercare program at Saving My Tomorrow

Continued Support for Lasting Recovery

Discover how our comprehensive aftercare programs at SMT can provide the ongoing support, skills, and community you need to sustain your recovery and embrace a fulfilling, sober life.

We provide a tailored strategy to support your transition back to daily life.

Ongoing access to therapeutic resources helps manage stresses and prevent relapse.

Our team helps you integrate healthy habits and routines into your everyday life.

Join a network of individuals who understand your journey, providing peer support and encouragement.

We equip you with effective tools and techniques to identify triggers and prevent potential relapse.

Begin Your Journey to Recovery Today

Your Future Begins at Saving My Tomorrow

We understand that taking the first step can be daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone. At Saving My Tomorrow, you’ll find an experienced team ready to walk this path with you. It’s time to embrace the chance for a happier, healthier future.

Happy millennial friends on a road trip vacation driving in an open car after achieving sobriety at Saving My Tomorrow