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Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Los Angeles, Different Approaches

The most important thing one has to keep in mind when it comes to treating addiction will be that it is not the same as treating other illnesses or conditions. In fact, it will vary a lot from case to case, with each patient bringing their own circumstances’ specifics into the treatment and making it different from person to person. Our substance abuse treatment center in Los Angeles can explain what our particular approach to the matter consists of.

Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Los Angeles

Substance abuse is a very complicated subject matter, not just because it involves reversing significant change incurred upon the body, but also because the details of the addiction will vary from person to person. While something such a stomach ulcer or a broken leg will often have a standard procedure, addiction is a lot more complicated. The circumstances of each patient’s addiction will inform and determine the details of their own treatment. A particular component, for example, will be the substance causing the addiction in the first place.

Alcohol Addiction

Despite the heavy societal pressure against it, it’s important to understand that alcohol addiction is difficult to overcome for a reason. It’s not exactly something that one can suddenly choose to leave behind without consequence. It’s important, for example, to keep in mind that part of the reason why addiction is so hard to quit is that it creates a new normal in the body that continuously demands more intake of alcohol to even get by on the daily. Even when that physiological need is addressed and treated, you will still need to take into account the psychological and emotional contributors to the addiction issue. At our substance abuse treatment center in Los Angeles, we make sure that both components are properly treated and addressed to ensure long term vocabulary.

Drug Addiction

The main difference between alcohol and drug addiction is not exactly in the addiction itself but in the public perception of it. After all, and you probably know this already, but there is a lot more stigma around drug use, while drinking alcohol is a lot more normalized in our culture. There is a common treatment of drug addicts as criminals, which often makes it hard for them to have access to the help they need without facing stigma and even legal consequences. However, we want to make sure that those struggling with drug addiction feel comfortable seeking help at our substance abuse treatment center in Los Angeles. While the detoxification process is going to be somewhat different from that same process for alcohol addiction, the rehabilitation process itself will actually be similar.

Saving My Tomorrow Rehabilitation Center

Here at Saving My Tomorrow, we believe everyone deserves to achieve happiness regardless of circumstances and that your past does not define who you are. This is what we keep in mind at our substance abuse treatment center in Los Angeles, better investing in the patient’s future. For more information about our rehabilitation facilities, give us a call at 818-403-6770 or fill out the contact form on our website.

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