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Key Component of Rehabs in Los Angeles Relapse is Prevention

One of the most important components of rehabs in Los Angeles will be to ensure that the success of the treatment is not only achieved but also maintained in the long term. If the point of a relatively brief treatment is to rid the person of addiction for the rest of their life, then it will be important to incorporate relapse prevention in the program.

Rehabs in Los Angeles & Relapsing?

In medical terms, a relapse refers to a recurrence of a past condition, such as those illnesses that experience peaks and dormancy. Malaria, for example, can often exhibit long periods of dormancy before causing another peak in activity. When discussing addiction, a relapse is not as arbitrary as it can be with malaria. Instead, it refers to instances in which the patient that underwent rehabilitation and sobriety for a period of time has once again fallen back into substance use habits. Dealing with relapses is difficult, which is why steps are taken as part of rehabilitation programs to ensure relapse prevention beyond the immediacy of the treatment.

What Constitutes as a Relapse?

When discussing relapses, it’s sometimes difficult to draw the line between harmless use and a relapse in addiction. In the most technical terms, maybe a former alcoholic who has been sober for over a decade having a drink during a wedding toast might be considered a relapse, but in reality, this is not enough to constitute a return to addiction. It’s important to understand that a relapse will take the form of substance abuse again, affecting a person’s life in a way that sabotages their wellbeing once again. That doesn’t mean that you should wait until the relapse becomes an undeniable problem before seeking treatment. Sometimes it’s best to address the issue early on before it becomes a full-on substance addiction again.

Relapse Prevention

Now, as you can probably see, treating a relapse of addiction is not exactly easy. It involves convincing a person to reenter a treatment that seems to have failed them once already. This is why good rehabs in Los Angeles will incorporate mechanisms for relapse prevention in their structure, providing the patient with the right tools to handle situations in which they might feel the urge to use again. This is a comprehensive component of the treatment and will vary from person to person in order to better address their specific needs. However, it will generally involve preparing the patients for three stages of relapse catalyzers:

  • Physical – Being too tired or overwhelmed to attend therapy.
  • Mental – Rationalizing old habits such as going to a bar or seeing an old drinking buddy as “not that bad”
  • Emotional – Feeling stressed or pressured into relapsing.

Rehab in Los Angeles

We understand just how pervasive and draining the effects of addiction can be, which is why our focus here at Saving My Tomorrow, one of the best rehabs in Los Angeles, is to restore health and happiness to the lives of those who have suffered from it. We believe everyone deserves to achieve happiness regardless of circumstances and that your past does not define who you are. For more information about our rehabilitation facilities, give us a call at 818-403-6770 or fill out our contact form. 

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