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How Addiction Treatment in L.A. Guides You to Recovery

Addiction is a very pervasive problem, for it can quickly take over different aspects of a person’s life. This makes it a particularly complicated condition to treat. It’s very easy for a person to get used to the effects of addiction in their life, which is why they say that deciding to seek help is the hardest step. Yes, seeking addiction treatment in Los Angeles might seem intimidating, but it’s ultimately a way for a person to find a path to recovery. Addiction can make it hard for a person to accept that they deserve something better. Let’s go over how the right treatment can guide you out of that mindset.

Drug Detoxification

The first step in treating addiction will almost always be to go through detoxification. Although the word “detox” has come to be associated with diets, it is actually the name of the process by which the body is re-regulated after excessive substance abuse. Addiction has a physical and a physiological component, and the physical one is caused by the imbalance that substance abuse creates in the body. Consistent and excessive use results in the body growing too used to the constant intake, meaning that it becomes increasingly necessary for the body to receive it. Suddenly cutting use won’t just be very hard for the patient, but it can also be very harmful. This leads to what is known as withdrawal: a set of symptoms that can hit the body when it’s not receiving the regular intake of an addictive substance. Detoxification protects the body from these symptoms. 

Residential Treatment

Having addressed the physiological component of ongoing substance abuse, the stage will be better set for the psychological one. After all, if you need to embark upon introspection and self-reflection, it will be a lot harder to do so while your body keeps craving the substance. Detoxification allows the patient to concentrate on the process of rehabilitation, which will involve a lot of therapy and counseling. Residential rehabilitation also allows the patient to be isolated from the potential stressors and triggers of their everyday life. These were the circumstances that allowed for and perhaps led to the addiction in the first place, so it’s important for the patient to be away from them during the initial recovery process. Part of the treatment will involve preparing the patient to later face these triggers with the right tools and coping mechanisms. This way, recovery can be set up for the longer term.

Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

Treating addiction is not necessarily an exact science. After all, every person is different, with varying problems that will need to be addressed in unique ways. However, this is the main structure that is followed in order to give patients their best chance at long term recovery. That’s what we at Saving My Tomorrow want to give our patients: their best chance. If you’re looking for addiction treatment in Los Angeles, our rehabilitation facility has its doors open. For more information about how we can help you in your path to recovery, give us a call at (818) 457-3302 or fill out the contact form on our website.

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